Gemayel Accuses Skaff of Involvement in the Zahle Crime

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Gemayel Accuses Skaff of Involvement in the Zahle Crime

Post by Admin on Thu Apr 24, 2008 2:28 pm

Amin Gemayel on Tuesday accused MP Elie Skaff of "advance knowledge" of
the Zahle crime and urged him to turn the culprits in to justice.

in a radio interview, said the Zahle crime that resulted in gunning
down two Phalange Party officials and wounded three people on Sunday
was "pre-planned. It is a major plan and some of Zahle's leaders are
involved in it."

Skaff, Gemayel said: "I look you in the eyes Mr. MP Skaff and I tell
you: don't get yourself, your clan and the Zahle area involved in a
battle that is much bigger than you. Do not try to play with fire for
you know what the Phalange Party is."

behave with a sense of responsibility, but our responsibility also is
to protect ourselves and our families. That is why I ask you to turn
the culprits in, without delay, and we will be ready to confront
anything," Gemayel added.


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