March 14: Zahle Crime Aimed at Sowing Discord

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March 14: Zahle Crime Aimed at Sowing Discord

Post by Admin on Thu Apr 24, 2008 2:16 pm

The pro-government March 14 alliance has said the Zahle shooting was part of continuous efforts aimed at sowing discord.

14 strongly condemns this crime, which took place less than 24 hours
after a massive popular rally was held in support of the election of
Army Commander Gen. Michel Suleiman president," said the statement
published in several Beirut dailies on Monday.

statement said the Zahle crime was part of "continuous efforts aimed at
sowing discord among the Lebanese and bring Lebanon back to the era of

14 expressed solidarity with the Phalange party and called on security
forces to "arrest the assassins and bring them to justice."


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