Jumblatt accuses opposition of 'rebellion'

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Jumblatt accuses opposition of 'rebellion' Empty Jumblatt accuses opposition of 'rebellion'

Post by Admin on Thu Apr 24, 2008 2:20 pm

Gathering bloc leader and MP Walid Jumblatt said on Monday the ruling
coalition worked on building "the state of Lebanon," while the
opposition was countering such projects. "The majority's policy is
aimed at strengthening the project of the state to stand up to the
rebellion against it. The March 14 Forces are still insisting on the
revival of the state, no matter what," Jumblatt told his Progressive
Socialist Party's Al-Anbaa magazine.

on Sunday's violence in Zahle, Jumblatt said that what occured in the
Bekaa Valley city revealed that the opposition has no intention of
accepting diversity and was practicing a policy of systematic
elimination against the governing coalition.

Phalange Party officials were gunned down in Zahle on Sunday after an
opposition supporter, affiliated to MP Elias Skaff, opened fire on a
crowd of Phalange supporters during an opening ceremony of a new
Phalange office in the area, a security report said.

sources told The Daily Star on Sunday that Joseph al-Zouki opened fire
on a Phalange crowd, killing Nasri Mourani and Salim Assi.

Rashid Assi, Salim's brother, and Elias Issa were also seriously wounded in the shooting.

security sources said that Phalange Party officials were blocking a
number of roads in Zahle as part of security measures that coincided
with the opening of the new office when Zouki tried to drive through a
blocked road and was prevented from doing so.

After quarreling with the Phalange officials, Zouki left the scene to come back later to open fire on the crowd.
majority has been keen on preserving civil peace and internal stability
and has proven that it is holding to the logic of a strong state
capable of dissipating the fears of all parties," Jumblatt said.

Chouf legislator added that "the wise policy of the government has
driven the opposition to lose its nerves, especially with the popular
movements in the regions of Metn, Jbeil and Zahle calling for stability
and for state institutions as the only framework to solve political
disputes according to the constitution."

told Al-Anbaa that dialogue within Parliament was the only way to
reduce political distances between the feuding blocs and to reach a
solution by electing a president.

has been without a head of state since November, when Emile Lahoud's
term drew to a close. The political logjam has since prevented
Parliament from naming his successor.

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