Assad: We値l use any means in Lebanon

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Assad: We値l use any means in Lebanon Empty Assad: We値l use any means in Lebanon

Post by Admin on Sat Apr 05, 2008 4:22 am

Since the day Syrians stepped out of Lebanon, they have been planning their way back in.

They fortified their allies with the help of Aoun who gave me the Christian representation they couldnt dream of ..
They won an extra political card when Israel screwed up against Hezbollah ..
And finally M14 are not showing the needed competence to weaken them ..

The last Arab summit held in Damascus showed how much Syria is careless about our situation, and Moallem and Assad speeches speak for themselves ..

Syria won稚 hesitate to use any means at its disposal to deal with the ongoing political crisis in Lebanon, even at the price of renewed fighting between Israel and Hizbullah, Syrian President Bashar Assad has reportedly said.

The next time Syria gets into Lebanon, i can assure you Lebanon would be doomed ..

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