Divisions serve Lebanon's 'enemies' - Qabbani

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Divisions serve Lebanon's 'enemies' - Qabbani Empty Divisions serve Lebanon's 'enemies' - Qabbani

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 27, 2008 5:31 am

mufti Sheikh Mohammad Rashid Qabbani said on Friday that the country's
political divisions represent "a real threat to Lebanon's unity." He
added that these political divisions allowed the "country's enemies to
break its citizens' unity and its stability." Qabbani stressed the
importance of resuming national dialogue and meeting the terms of the
Arab initiative in order to put an end to the crisis.

unconstitutional suggestions are yet another obstacle to finding
solutions," Qabbani said, adding that he hoped that the ongoing
meetings between different political factions would lead to the
country's recovery.

also addressed the issue of the possession of arms, saying that only
the government has the right to own weapons for it defends the citizens
and protects the country.

mufti also expressed his worries about the riot at Roumieh prison on
Thursday, calling on the head of Internal Security Forces, General
Ashraf Rifi, to spare no efforts in solving the problem.

the vice president of the Higher Shiite Islamic Council, Abdel-Amir
Qabalan, said during his Friday sermon that politicians should try to
solve all of the country's problems at once instead of working one step
at a time and putting essential issues on hold.

agreed on the next president's name ... so why don't we elect Lebanese
Armed Forces commander General Michel Suleiman and form a national
unity government that could create a new and fair electoral law?" he
asked, adding that the 2000 law was no longer useful.

Qabalan called on the "wise" leaders to resume dialogue, saying this was the only way to reach "salvation."
"The leader of the Democratic Gathering, Walid Jumblatt, is open to dialogue and this is a very good sign" he added.

The cleric also touched on the economic crisis, urging politicians to find a quick solution by raising the minimum wage.

urged the UN Security Council to firmly punish the Israel's violations
in the region. "The Zionists should return the Shebaa Farms and Kfar
Shouba Hills to Lebanon, the Golan Heights to Syria and let the
Palestinian refugees return to their homeland through the creation of a
Palestinian nation whose capital would be Jerusalem," he said.

All of these problems must be resolved if Lebanon is to attain peace and stability, he said.

As for Iraq, Qabalan urged militias to put down their arms and serve in the government or join the national army.

"Iraqi political parties should support the army, the people and the nation," he said.

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