Hezbollah attacks Lebanon's UN forces through media

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Hezbollah attacks Lebanon's UN forces through media Empty Hezbollah attacks Lebanon's UN forces through media

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 27, 2008 4:57 am

after a threat by al-Qaeda's second in command, Ayman al-Zawahiri
United Nations peacekeepers in Lebanon are under renewed attack from
the militant organisation, Hezbollah.

Lebanese newspaper, al Safir, which is close to Hezbollah, on Thursday
published an article attacking the United Nations Interim Force in
Lebanon (UNIFIL).

troops are ignoring the negative impact that some of their actions have
on people, in particular when they conduct themselves as if they are
Israeli spies," said the article.

"Does UNIFIL protect the south or Israel? And who protects them from al-Qaeda?"

publication of the article follows new threats launched this week by
al-Zawahiri, who called on Muslim mujahadeen to attack foreign
'crusaders' in Lebanon.

His comments were included in an audio message released on Tuesday on Islamic forums on the Internet.
is the second time that al-Zawahiri has threatened UNIFIL troops since
they began their mission," the newspaper article said.

these threats come at a time when the Lebanese secret services have
verified the existence of links between salafite groups in Lebanon in
the Ain al-Halwa camp and al-Qaeda in Iraq."

newspaper also launched precise accusations against the UN mission, in
particular linking the endorsement of the Security Council's 1701
resolution with "Israeli signatures" in many of its paragraphs.

said while UN secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon speaks about the rearmament
of Hezbollah and arms violations by Shia militias, he makes no
reference to those conducted by the Israeli army along the border with

UN's 1701 resolution, passed in August 2006, called for a full
cessation of hostilities in the month-long war between Israel and

also mapped out a formula for the phased withdrawal of Israel Defence
Forces from southern Lebanon, while authorizing UN peacekeepers to help
Lebanese troops to take control.

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