Skaff Cancels Press Conference

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Skaff Cancels Press Conference Empty Skaff Cancels Press Conference

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 27, 2008 4:52 am

of the Popular Bloc MP Elias Skaff canceled a press conference
scheduled for Thursday at his office in Zahle and stressed the need to
safeguard stability in the eastern city, Voice of Lebanon radio station

Skaff's announcement, Phalange party and Lebanese Forces supporters
moved a sit-in they intended to hold in front of the Popular Bloc
offices in Zahle to the cemeteries where victims Nasri Marouni and
Salim Assi were laid to rest.

Nahar newspaper said contacts and mediation efforts were underway
Wednesday evening to soothe the tense situation and prevent any
unanticipated consequences.

Patriarch Gregorios III Lahham instructed former ambassador Fouad
al-Turk to carry out the mediation efforts, An Nahar said.

party leader Amin Gemayel on Tuesday accused Skaff of "advance
knowledge" of the Zahle crime and urged him to turn the culprits in to

warned Skaff not to get himself, his supporters and the Zahle area
involved "in a battle that is much bigger than you. Do not try to play
with fire for you know what the Phalange Party is."

He also urged him to "turn the culprits in, without delay, and we will be ready to confront anything."

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