Opposition Targets Army, Government, Jumblat

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Opposition Targets Army, Government, Jumblat Empty Opposition Targets Army, Government, Jumblat

Post by Admin on Thu Apr 24, 2008 3:04 pm

Talal Arslan on Wednesday made an outright accusation to the army of
"bias against us", indicating such an alleged stand threatens chances
of electing Gen. Suleiman President.

Arslan, addressing a press conference, spoke of "bias by the army against us and against our partisans."

Army Command issued a statement confirming that the military
institution dissociated itself from all matters political, emphasizing
the loyalty of the military to the people of Lebanon in all situations
and circumstances.

army performed in complete transparency and had succeeded in various
security tasks in recent years, which was met with Lebanese consensus
around and confidence in the military.

claimed to have "serious" information on alleged developments related
to "the circuit" around the director of military intelligence. He did
not elaborate on the allegation.

want to address the army commander, not in his military capacity, but
in his capacity as the front runner in the presidential elections, to
ask him: wouldn't this campaign burn your bridges in the presidential

Army Command accused politicians of broadcasting comments on and
attitudes toward the army which revealed "non-innocent intentions."
These intentions, the command added, inferred the existence of a
relationship between the army and the political conflict gripping
Lebanon and questioned the sectarian affiliations of disciplined

Army Command calls on everyone to show national responsibility in
dealing with matters related to the military institution, and to
refrain from implicating the dignity of the military, the guarantor of
national unity, security and stability, in political strife," the
statement concluded.

also said "We are being intentionally exposed by the ... junta that
occupies the prime minister's offices, shatters the constitution and
the national charter and spreads corruption."

Arslan also accused the ruling majority of selling Lebanon "at the slave market to its foreign masters."

Arslan also launched a vehement attack on rival Druze leader Walid Jumblatt, accusing him of "lacking principle and commitment."

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