Nadim Gemayel: History will be ashamed of those who sold themselves to the devil

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Nadim Gemayel: History will be ashamed of those who sold themselves to the devil

Post by Admin on Thu Apr 24, 2008 2:26 pm

President of the Kataeb headquarters in Achrafieh Nadim Gemayel, son of
late President Bachir Gemayel, condemned Sunday’s murder of Kataeb
activists Nasri Marouni and Salim Assi in Zahle.

blood of the Zahle residents was shed while defending their town and
breaking the siege. Unfortunately, today the hero has been forgotten,
and some criminals are trying to target our will and determination,”
Gemayel said in an address to Zahle residents, referring to the siege
of Zahle in 1981 by the Syrian army. He reminded the crowd how Kataeb
militants and residents were able to defend the city.

also spoke of the assassinations of Minister Pierre Gemayel and MP
Antoine Ghanem and said that the Kataeb tried to heal the wounds
brought by their deaths.

thought that we were helpless when they attacked our comrades during
the inauguration of the Kataeb headquarters in Zahle. But the
aggressors missed the fact that the Kataeb will triumph,” he added.

“Lebanon will remain the object of our attention, for it is a country that will never die,” Gemayel said.

day of punishment is near, and history will be ashamed of those who
sold their conscience to the devil or those who are still waiting for
the return of the Syrian occupation that created them. Yet this will
not protect them from the wrath of believers,” he said.


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