Security Forces Launch Massive Manhunt for Kataeb Killers

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Security Forces Launch Massive Manhunt for Kataeb Killers Empty Security Forces Launch Massive Manhunt for Kataeb Killers

Post by Admin on Thu Apr 24, 2008 2:15 pm

forces launched a massive manhunt for the killers of two Phalange party
activists who were gunned down in east Lebanon's city of Zahle on

after the 4 pm shooting attack, security forces cordoned off the city
with the army setting up checkpoints and conducting thorough checks of
all vehicles.

other Phalange party members were wounded in the shooting which
occurred at the inauguration of a Kataeb party headquarters in Zahle.
One passer-by identified as Roger Gharra also was injured in the

Phalange spokesperson said gunmen in a speeding car opened fire on the
Phalangists at a checkpoint on a road leading to the event in Hawsh

media on Monday said security forces raided several houses overnight in
search for two suspects believed involved in the shooting, including
Joseph Zouki, a supporter of Zahle opposition MP Elie Skaff.

Zouki was reportedly refused entry through the checkpoint and later returned and allegedly shot at the Phalange security point.

Other reports said security forces surrounded the area of Hammar in Zahle where Zouki is thought to be hiding.
statement by the Phalange party identified the dead as Nasri Marouni
and Salim Assi. It identified the wounded as Assi's son, Rashid and
Elias Issa.

said the shooting took place shortly after Sami Gemayel, son of former
President and Phalange Party leader Amin Gemayel, left the opening of
the Kataeb headquarters in Zahle.

Gemayel immediately summoned members of the Phalange party's politburo
at his mansion in Bikfaya to discuss the shooting attack, according to
the statement.

It said Prime Minister Fouad Saniora as well as political and party leaders called up Gemayel to offer condolences.

called for calm, and urged the government as well as security
authorities to bring the culprits to justice without delay.

criminal is not (Fatah al-Islam leader) Shaker Abssi. He is known. We
demand that the government and the security forces put their hands on
the criminals as soon as possible," Gemayel said.

Lebanese gather close to the scene where two activists close to
Lebanon's anti-Syrian majority were shot dead at the opening of a
political party headquarters in the eastern town of Zahle. Salim Assi
and Nasri al-Murani, both close to the Christian Phalange party which
supports the ruling coalition, were killed in a shooting during the
inauguration of a Phalange headquarters.(AFP/Hassan Jarrah)

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