Saad Hariri Vows to Confront Attempts to Release the Four Generals

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Saad Hariri Vows to Confront Attempts to Release the Four Generals

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 20, 2008 6:06 am

Movement leader Saad Hariri on Friday vowed to confront escalating
calls by pro-Syrian factions for the release of four generals held in
connecting with his father's assassination.

fired back at the Hizbullah-led campaign in a statement on the third
anniversary of MP Bassil Fuleihan's death from wounds he suffered in
the Feb. 14, 2005 bomb attack that claimed Hariri's live.

described the attack as "the most obnoxious terrorist crime that tried
to eliminate Lebanon, its independence and sovereignty."

painful memory also is an occasion to remember all the martyrs who fell
while defending our nation, starting with the martyrs of freedom and
independence, the martyrs of the Lebanese Army and the Internal
Security Forces, and the innocent citizens who were the victims of
blind terrorism, which is still trying to harm Lebanon, its Arabism and
democracy," the statement added.

statement stressed :"We would not rest until the coward criminals are
brought to justice to get the punishment they deserve in the
International Tribunal which is now ready to receive them."

urged "all political forces that are executing the orders of the
criminal regime in defending the four generals to go back to their
conscience, and stop organizing this flagrant interference in the
international investigation for the sake of the memory of the long list
of martyrs."


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