Hizbullah Kidnaps Policeman in South Beirut

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Hizbullah Kidnaps Policeman in South Beirut

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 20, 2008 6:06 am

partisans on Thursday attacked and kidnapped a police officer in south
Beirut, in the second such development in as many days, security
sources reported.

sources said the police officer was investigating an illegal
construction site in the suburb of Ghadir when he was beaten up by two
local residents.

members drove in, kidnapped the officer and whisked him to a Hizbullah
office where he was illegally interrogated by party officials on
activities of the police force.

The officer told his superiors later that Hizbullah officials set him free only because he is Shiite.

partisans attacked a police patrol in the eastern mountainous town of
Qmatiyeh Wednesday evening and stripped policemen of two wanted
criminals, who remain at large.


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