Saudi, Jordanian Kings for Consensus Lebanese President

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Saudi, Jordanian Kings for Consensus Lebanese President

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 20, 2008 5:57 am

King Abdullah and Jordan's King Abdullah II have urged Lebanon's
bickering politicians to elect a consensus president in accordance with
the Arab initiative.

two leaders stressed after their talks in Riyadh Wednesday the need for
"Lebanese forces and movements to overcome their differences and work
on electing a consensus president in accordance with" the three-point
Arab plan, Jordan's Petra news agency reported.

Arab initiative calls for the election of Army Commander Gen. Michel
Suleiman president, the formation of a national unity cabinet in which
no single party has veto power and the adoption of a new electoral law.

majority and the opposition have agreed on Suleiman as a consensus
candidate for the post but continue to bicker about the make-up of a
new cabinet.

Parliamentary sessions to vote for a new president have been postponed 17 times since last September.

also said that the monarchs discussed latest developments in the
region, including the Palestinian cause and the situation in Lebanon
and Iraq.


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