Judiciary questions three residents of Jbeil after failing to find 'mass grave'

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Judiciary questions three residents of Jbeil after failing to find 'mass grave'

Post by Admin on Wed Apr 16, 2008 8:50 am

judiciary on Tuesday interrogated three suspects on charges of
spreading misleading information regarding an alleged mass grave in the
Jbeil town of Halat and released them pending completion of the

Lebanon Prosecutor Ghassan Oueidat also ordered the interrogation of
journalist Manal Shaaya in connection with reporting on the alleged
mass grave, but she failed to report to his office pending interference
by the Journalists Union.

reported, in an article published in An-Nahar Youth supplement on
Thursday, that residents of the Halat region reported that a mass grave
dating from the 1975-1990 Civil War was located in the town.

The three were identified as Jacqueline Elias al-Rai, Milad al-Rai and Joseph Abi Sharr.

They were interrogated for four hours and released pending completion of the investigation, a judicial source said.

The sources added that the three admitted they supplied Shaaya with information concerning the mass grave.
interrogation was launched after a police force completed excavations
at the site in search of the alleged mass grave, but found nothing.

state-run National News Agency said the search for the alleged mass
grave ended by 3 p.m. after digging through 80 meters of the highway in
the northern Halat region "without finding a trace to the [alleged]
mass grave."

MPs Shamel Mouzaya and Abbas Hashem, members of MP Michel Aoun's Change
and Reform Bloc, expressed reservations regarding the whole search

Mouzaya said the operation was carried out "without proper measures."

He called for expanding the search by 3 meters toward the east and west from the center of the highway.
He described the search effort as "play acting."

Hashem also said the operation should have sought the help of "experts in criminology."

Monday, Aoun said it was "essential" that the fate of missing people
throughout Lebanon be determined. "We must open all mass graves for
everyone to see their reality."


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