Jumblat Points Finger at Jamil Sayyed in Deadly Church Bombing

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Jumblat Points Finger at Jamil Sayyed in Deadly Church Bombing

Post by Admin on Wed Apr 16, 2008 8:49 am

leader Walid Jumblat called for opening old case murder files like that
of the deadly 1994 bomb attack against Sayedet al-Najat Maronite
Catholic church.

in an interview with the daily Al Mustaqbal on Tuesday, pointed the
finger at former chief of General Security Maj. Gen. Jamil al-Sayyed in
the church bombing that left 10 worshipers killed.

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea was arrested and charged in Sayedet al-Najat attack and his war file was reopened.

served several life sentences for political murders and other killings
during the 1975-1990 civil war, spending 11 years in solitary
confinement in a cell at Lebanon's defense ministry before he was freed
in July 2005.

Geagea has always said he was a political prisoner victimized for opposing Syria's military role in Lebanon.

hoped that the judiciary will "re-open Sayedet al-Najat (case) file
when the ringleader was head of General Security and re-open the
assassination case of Ramzi Irani and the case of martyr Samir Kassir
and the Bank al Madina case, (which took place) during the days of the
ringleader of the General Security and his partner Raymond Azar who
used to terrorize the Lebanese, acting under orders from their superior
Rustom Ghazaleh," the former head of Syria's military intelligence in

Brig. Gen. Raymond Azar was former director general of military intelligence.

and Azar as well as two other former generals -- Brig. Gen. Mustafa
Hamdan, ex-commander of the Presidential Guards Brigade and Maj. Gen.
Ali Hajj, ex-director general of the Internal Security Forces -- were
arrested in August 2005 on charges of involvement in the assassination
of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

remember how the ringleader (Sayyed) created Sayedet al-Najat case to
throw Samir Geagea in prison, but he was later pardoned," Jumblat said.


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