Jordan's King Warns of Regional Repercussions from Lebanon Crisis

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Jordan's King Warns of Regional Repercussions from Lebanon Crisis

Post by Admin on Tue Apr 15, 2008 4:29 am

Fouad Saniora returned to Beirut from Amman Sunday night after talks
with King Abdullah II who warned of regional repercussions from the
Lebanese political crisis.

told Saniora during their meeting that "the continuation of the current
situation in Lebanon will have repercussions not only on Lebanon but
also on the security and stability of the region in general," an
official statement in Amman said.

voiced support for efforts exerted by the Lebanese government "to find
an acceptable way out of the political crisis," it said.

Jordanian king also "stressed the importance of continuing efforts
exerted to solve the Lebanese crisis," the statement added.

Nahar daily on Monday quoted an informed source in Amman as denying
that Saniora discussed with King Abdullah reports that the latter had
asked members of the U.S. Congress during his last visit to Washington
"to reach a settlement with Syria."

state-run National News Agency, in a dispatch from Amman, said Sunday's
talks fell within the framework of Saniora's contacts with Arab leaders
to scout ways of facilitating a settlement to the ongoing crisis.


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