Samir Geagea …. tej raskoun !

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Samir Geagea …. tej raskoun ! Empty Samir Geagea …. tej raskoun !

Post by Admin on Sat Apr 05, 2008 4:22 am

People seem to forget the 11 years Hakim spent in prison !!! They forgot the suffering and torture he went through while being jailed in the most inhuman conditions !

If i critisize today Hakim’s actions, that doesnt mean i stopped respecting him or his past achievements!!
I used to defend Hakim like no one else did, i even helped making a site dedicated to him !!

The man was a great warrior once, he was the one who started the first war against Syrians in Bcharreh !
He was the one who freed Koura and Dedde of the Syrians and Palestinians !!
He was the one who defied Elie Hobeika and failed the tri-party agreement !!
He was the one who defeated Amine Gemayel and Elie Hobeika and Michel Aoun and kept the Christian regions free !
He was the one who defied Jumblatt and his forces in the Mountain war and saved thousands of Christians !

Many mistakes were done during the war, but no Aounist or whomever has any right to critisize Geagea in anyway !

The man was jailed for 11 years for crimes he did not do ! No he did not kill Frangieh and whomever accuses him of that crime is a total idiot and ignorant to say the least ! And no he did not kill Chamoun nor caused the Nahr el Mot genocide nor the Mat7af murder nor the Chamoun murder !

Samir Geagea was a great fighter who saved the LF after Bashir was killed and did a tremendous job to keep it alive and managed to do so until he was jailed ..

If we critisize his decisions now, that doesnt mean we regret defending him before ! He is still the wise leader and the idole we all set for ourselves at one point in time !

Samir Geagea …. tej raskoun ! F_signiturepim_d6e4c88

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